Wild Ideas

Hi and welcome to The Wild Bucket List Blog.

So, I had this wild idea about 2 years ago to start a blog. Originally I was using the blog as a way to vent, an online diary if you will, however, it was total rubbish and luckily for me, no one read it. I needed to figure out what I actually wanted to come out of blogging and that’s when it clicked. I realised I am just bored. Life is boring when you don’t make the most out of it and I’d forgotten what it feels like to be out in the world, experiencing it. But what did I even have to say to the world? Well, I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Having had many amazing experiences for a girl of 19 I thought it was about time I share some of those; even if I can encourage just one person to go to just one new place, I’ll be happy. In 2013 I went on my first wild adventure to Romania, followed by a trip to South Africa and more recently, New York, America (oh, and a cheeky trip to Malia, Greece for a girls’ holiday). But I am desperate to go to more places, learn new things and make the most out of the time I have on this planet.

The end of the build
Romania 2013

Moping around and bad habits are getting me no where so it’s about time I sorted it out. Don’t you agree? I tried running (I’m very very bad at it) which lasted about a week, then decided to try and eat healthier (which is not fun for a fussy eater) but I was losing motivation rapidly.

South Africa 2014

So, I had this wild idea. why not share what I’ve done and inspire people to get the best out of life? I want people to experience the things I have and understand that life isn’t easy, but with a little hard work and determination, it can be exactly what you want it to be.

And I plan to make mine wild.


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